What We Do

We offers an optional solution for every application in our core areas like sheet metal components, Laser cutting, Bending, Advanced Assembly Shop and Fabrication with proficient staff the use of state-of-the-art technologies with the highest degree of automation. We contribute our technical experience for manufacturing solutions from prototype to mass production and novelty during all phases from design to development.

We love working with others to achieve a common goal. We practice active listening and questioning of our clients to fully understand their needs, and we partner with them to solve those needs from A to Z. We constantly question the status quo, and we seek out innovative, elegant and perfect-fit solutions. We adhere to the best practices in our systems, methods and industry. We manage our operations with the constant, progressive development of systems to achieve the best practice. We provide our clients with a cost efficient, high quality and reliable metal fabrication partner, which adheres to a minimum standard of ISO 9001:2015. We utilise the most modern equipment, technology and methodology in everything that we do, and we not only adhere to, but indeed are helping to define.

Our probity, our adherence to the world’s best practices, and our reliable delivery on time and to the highest standards in quality and tolerances have all earned us respect and accolades

Our Vision

To be a leader and preferred supplier to the customer and to provide fulfilment and prosperity for our employees.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices

To meet customer requirements and surpass their expectations

To promote lifelong growth opportunities for our workers

To Provide a safe work environment

Leader Ship

At Accucut, we believe not in following, but in leading … in all that we do. Being a leader means knowing what others are doing, but thinking for ourselves how it can be done better.

We apply this philosophy not just to our technology and fabrication processes and our business practices, but also to our relationships within our organization, with our suppliers, with our customers and with our entire community.

Leading motivates and gives a sense of purpose that excites and motivates us.


At Accucut, we love working with others to achieve a common goal. We love creativity, innovation, technology and problem solving. And, we absolutely love a good challenge.

This is why we are pushing the envelope in the state of the art of light engineering services.

We utilise the most modern equipment, technology and methodology in everything that we do, and we not only obey to, but indeed are helping to define, the world’s best practices in our industry.


Accucut bring its customers over eight decades of experience and know-how in the metal fabrication and light engineering services industry.Our core competencies include:

  • Project Planning
  • Designing Services
  • CAD Drawing
  • Precision Laser Cutting of Metals
  • Metal Folding
  • Light Fabrication
  • Powder coating & surface Treatment
  • Advanced assembly

Artistic Employees

Accucut is made up of a team of outstanding, dedicated and talented craftsmen who share our passions and our common vision.

Our people apply wide experience, extensive engineering know-how, versatility and flexibility to every task. Above all, our team lives by best practice principles with our clients’ needs always coming first.

Our staff is highly qualified, driven, experienced, and most of all, are driven by our raison of being to serve the people of our company, our clients, our suppliers and our community; to work passionately; to persevere in achieving our goals, improving our knowledge and pushing the envelope in the state of our art; and to profit from our successes.

Indeed everything we do at Accucut is about serving people–to improve their lives and to help them thrive. Staff, friends, business associates, family … we endeavor to always treat them with dignity, a smile and respect. This includes, among other things, encouraging and recognizing excellence in our employees and our business partners, such as awards, financial incentives or similar. It also includes creating an environment where our employees can learn and grow and have a sense of purpose and a future at Accucut.